In a world that changes so rapidly how can future generations get an accurate picture of what life was really like for you?

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Are you sure there will be no speculation as to your life, motives and actions now or in the future?


This is your chance to leave a true account of your life as it really unfolded! We can help you to make this dream a reality!


We will write your biography to enhance your life experiences and qualities to tell your life story as you have lived it.


We will place your story within the context of world events to make it real and give a time-line to place events for future generations.


When you are happy with the proofs we will complete your individual book to your own specifications, size and cover design.

Anything is possible:

This is your life!

This is your book.

This is your true legacy.


From your first interview to the finished manuscript your book will take as long as you need to tell your story and you will have your very own “Red Book”.






Have you ever considered having your own biography professionally written to tell your family and friends your true life story in your own words?


Have you acknowledged your achievements and told your children and grandchildren your story through your own eyes?


Have you ever considered having your parents’ or grandparents’ biography professionally written for future generations to enjoy?


Have you had an interesting life and how are you going to make sure that wealth of experience and knowledge survives you?

“Create the Gift of a Lifetime”

A Personal Biography